Ford Trend Conference 2014: Information, Innovation, and Leadership

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America’s automotive industry has experienced its share of ups and downs. When things were going well and there was little competition from imports, American- made cars and the city of Detroit enjoyed unparalleled success. Those who worked for the Big Three automakers made very good money, remained steadfast and loyal to their employer, and lived (Continue Reading…);

Financial Independence: Avoiding instant gratification

capital one

Note: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One 360. Financial independence is something worth striving for. With financial independence, a family enjoys peace of mind, security, and the freedom to do the things they wish without worry. With the money problem out of the way, the financially independent family (Continue Reading…);

Ready to Buy a Car? Prepare to Pay Additional Fees

  Are in the market for a used vehicle? If you are, then you need to familiarize yourself with the different fees, taxes, and other hidden costs associated with vehicle purchases. These costs are not included in the sticker price and they can add significantly to the overall, bottom- line price paid for that new (Continue Reading…);

Football Camp and Nutrition Education for the Future NFL Star

Sports Football Camps

Do your children like sports? Many children do and a summer sports camp is often the parents’ response to fulfilling their child’s wishes and encouraging physical fitness. But there is more to a fit body than just exercise- nutrition matters as well and here in the Houston area, Sports International Football Camps is joining forces (Continue Reading…);

Coke Life: Healthier Alternative to the Real Thing?

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Coca- Cola is the largest soft drink manufacturer on the planet and its name and logo are among the most recognized in the world. It seems that everywhere you go, Coca- Cola is there, ready to quench your thirst with its secret blend of sugar and spices. In spite of its reputation for refreshment, Coca- (Continue Reading…);

Keep Calm and Bee Sweet with Bee Sweet Lemonade

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Tomorrow, June 16, 2014 is the start of National Pollinator Week. It’s a week focused on education relating to pollination, its importance to our livelihood, and the critical role that honeybees play. One young entrepreneur and philanthropist in Austin, Texas is fully aware of the importance of honeybees and she has created a new product (Continue Reading…);

National Wildlife Federation Presents the Great American Backyard Campout

When was the last time you went to sleep under the stars? For some people, it has been quite some time since they visited a campground, pitched a tent, and gazed in awe at the heavens above. But camping out doesn’t have to require a visit to a state park or other campsite. It can (Continue Reading…);

Salata: Healthy Eating in Houston’s City Centre

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Healthy eating is important, as most all will agree. But many like to dine out and rightfully worry about the nutrition and quality of the food. One restaurant that will quickly ease your worries is Salata and one of its newest locations is now open for service, at 840 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Suite (Continue Reading…);

Fun in Houston Every Day of the Year


Residents who live in and around Money Saving Parent’s headquarters in Houston, Texas have lots to see and do. Our city is the fourth largest in the United States and is overflowing with sports, educational, cultural, and other activities. There is a web service that highlights some of the thousands of available activities and it’s (Continue Reading…);

Franchise Ownership: Is it Right for You?

Ever consider opening your own business? Come on, admit it- the thought has crossed your mind more than once. The idea of being in control of your own destiny, answering to no one but yourself, and enjoying rewards equal to your personal efforts does have a certain appeal. Some people jump into business ownership with (Continue Reading…); Makes Giving Efficient and Easy

Is your house overflowing with “stuff” and you’re not sure what to do with it? Taking the items to a local Goodwill or similar organization may have crossed your mind, but you can never find the time to get things done, right? If this situation occurs with frequency in your household, there is a charitable (Continue Reading…);

Halliburton Hometown Heroes: Vote Now for the Best Charity in Houston


Charities do amazing work. Helping lift people up who are down, protecting natural areas, building homes for the underprivileged- these and other acts of good will are the hallmark of what each charity does each day and why they are so important. Here in the Houston area, the public is served by hundreds of charitable (Continue Reading…);

Great Courses Teaching Company: Making Informed Moral Decisions

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Do you have a rigid moral code that determines how you make daily decisions? Some people do, but others tend to get wound up in the “why” of the matter. These latter individuals often ponder over certain moral questions and sometimes go back and forth over what is right and what is wrong. The things (Continue Reading…);

Foreign Travel and Currency Exchange: What Method is Best?


Summer is rapidly approaching. The end of school and the warmer weather often signal one thing to parents and their families: Vacation! Whether it’s a road trip to a nearby attraction, a flight to a major city, or a cruise to a foreign land, vacations are a traditional part of the summer season and many (Continue Reading…);

The Great Courses Teaching Company: Values, Meaning, and Application

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How do values shape the way you live and think? How do they influence your parenting? Do they carry over into your workplace, your political leanings, and other realms? Values are certainly important and many of the pressing issues of our time are, in fact, decided based on values. I decided to brush up on (Continue Reading…);