Medical Fallacies: What You Think is True is Often Not

Credit: Bryan Carey

How do you react to health concerns? If you catch a cold, do you respond by taking vitamin C supplements? If you’re pregnant and you’re carrying your baby low, does that mean it’s likely a boy? Does cracking your knuckles lead to arthritis? Do you avoid vaccinations for your children because you are convinced the (Continue Reading…);

Fourth Annual Houston Art Fair coming to NRG Center

Houston Fine Art Fair

Houston area art fans are fortunate to live in a city where fine art is readily available, both for viewing and for purchase. This coming weekend, the city is hosting a fair with paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works of art from some of the best artists from Houston and beyond. It’s the 4th Annual (Continue Reading…);

Center for Disease Control study confirms that kids eat too much salt

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America’s Center for Disease Control released a report on September 9, 2014 detailing the sodium intake by the average child and the bottom line results confirm what most of us already know: Children consume too much salt. According to the results of the study, the average school- age child consumes about 3,300 milligrams of salt (Continue Reading…);

Shop Online and Support Charity with


Do you like to shop online? We purchase quite a bit of goods online here at Money Saving Parent and we are always game to trying a new online service if it offers good bargains or other benefits. Among the benefits we like are those related to charity and one web service that gives money (Continue Reading…);

Parents Increasingly use Retirement Funds for Education Expenses


  Higher education is expensive and it is forcing more and more families to access mom and dad’s retirement funds to settle with the bursar. According to a Sallie Mae and Ipsos survey published today, 7 percent of parents withdrew money from retirement accounts to pay for college expenses in 2014. A similar survey in 2013 (Continue Reading…);

American Forests works to Restore Trees and Wildlife Habitats


Trees are important. They help remove pollutants from the air. They release life- giving oxygen for the Earth’s inhabitants. They Provide cover for many species of animals and they offer shade from the hot sun. Trees are critical to environment stability in countless ways and one non- profit organization working on behalf of trees is (Continue Reading…);

YMCA Project Backpack Helps Students Get the Supplies They Need


Today is back to school day for students in the greater Houston area. Summer break has come to a close and children from preschool through high school are back in the classrooms, ready to pursue the academic goals that lie ahead. For some, back to school time can be a struggle due to lack of (Continue Reading…);

Average cost to raise a child approaches a quarter million dollars

It costs a lot of cash to raise those adorable little newborns from the early days in the crib through high school graduation. According to official data just published on August 18, 2014 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the total price tag for bringing up junior is now $245,000. This is the total price (Continue Reading…);

How to fulfill your travel bucket list through timeshare ownership


Family vacations are important. They offer a time for family bonding, relief from day to day stress, and a means to create amazing memories. Many of our fondest memories are, in fact, those of vacationing with the family to a large city, natural wonder, sandy beach, or historic site. As time passes, many of us (Continue Reading…);

Action for Healthy Kids is Awarding School Breakfast Grants

Action for Healthy Kids is a great non- profit organization that works to promote the health of children on multiple levels. Many of its programs are aimed at schools and one of the many ways this charity helps promote health is through breakfast. Now, schools can apply for grants through the Action for Healthy Kids (Continue Reading…);

Run for the House and Support Ronald McDonald House Charities

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Ronald McDonald House has been serving communities across the United States for a long time, offering comfort and counseling to grieving families. Houston’s Ronald McDonald House has been in operation since 1978 and continues to serve the local area through four separate facilities. Not everyone has the means to help a great charitable organization like (Continue Reading…);

Retail Credit Cards: High Interest Adds Up

Store credit cards often make shopping more convenient, but this convenience carries a high interest price tag that could easily wipe out any advantage of opening up an account. Based on official data released by earlier today, August 7, 2014, the average interest rate on retail credit cards is 23.23%. This rate is more (Continue Reading…);

Vote for the Green America People & Planet Award

Green America is a non- profit organization that works to empower people and business to do their part for a sustainable and healthy planet. The organization frequently recognizes individuals and companies for their hard work and Green America is about to award three exceptional businesses for their efforts to go green. The award is the (Continue Reading…);

New School Lunch Mandates Gain Acceptance

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A report published on July 30, 2014 suggests that students are more accepting of healthier school lunch foods than many expected. The study, conducted by researchers at Boise State University, involved surveys about school lunch and student responses to them. The researchers sent the surveys to schools across the nation and 482 responded back. Schools (Continue Reading…);

Family Campout with the Sugar Land Skeeters


Houston’s Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team has some great family fun in store for this Friday evening, August 1, 2014. Constellation Field, home to the Sugar Land Skeeters, will play host to an evening of baseball and more this Friday evening as the Skeeters host their first ever Family Campout Night at Constellation Field. The (Continue Reading…);