Fun in Houston Every Day of the Year


Residents who live in and around Money Saving Parent’s headquarters in Houston, Texas have lots to see and do. Our city is the fourth largest in the United States and is overflowing with sports, educational, cultural, and other activities. There is a web service that highlights some of the thousands of available activities and it’s (Continue Reading…);

Franchise Ownership: Is it Right for You?

Ever consider opening your own business? Come on, admit it- the thought has crossed your mind more than once. The idea of being in control of your own destiny, answering to no one but yourself, and enjoying rewards equal to your personal efforts does have a certain appeal. Some people jump into business ownership with (Continue Reading…); Makes Giving Efficient and Easy

Is your house overflowing with “stuff” and you’re not sure what to do with it? Taking the items to a local Goodwill or similar organization may have crossed your mind, but you can never find the time to get things done, right? If this situation occurs with frequency in your household, there is a charitable (Continue Reading…);

Halliburton Hometown Heroes: Vote Now for the Best Charity in Houston


Charities do amazing work. Helping lift people up who are down, protecting natural areas, building homes for the underprivileged- these and other acts of good will are the hallmark of what each charity does each day and why they are so important. Here in the Houston area, the public is served by hundreds of charitable (Continue Reading…);

Great Courses Teaching Company: Making Informed Moral Decisions

Photo Credit: Bryan Carey

Do you have a rigid moral code that determines how you make daily decisions? Some people do, but others tend to get wound up in the “why” of the matter. These latter individuals often ponder over certain moral questions and sometimes go back and forth over what is right and what is wrong. The things (Continue Reading…);

Foreign Travel and Currency Exchange: What Method is Best?


Summer is rapidly approaching. The end of school and the warmer weather often signal one thing to parents and their families: Vacation! Whether it’s a road trip to a nearby attraction, a flight to a major city, or a cruise to a foreign land, vacations are a traditional part of the summer season and many (Continue Reading…);

The Great Courses Teaching Company: Values, Meaning, and Application

Photo: Bryan Carey

How do values shape the way you live and think? How do they influence your parenting? Do they carry over into your workplace, your political leanings, and other realms? Values are certainly important and many of the pressing issues of our time are, in fact, decided based on values. I decided to brush up on (Continue Reading…);

Ten Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career


Career options are scarce for many young people. With the national economy limping along, the outlook is still uncertain and a large percentage of young adults are not sure if they will be able to land a position doing what they like best for a fair wage. Location, Location, Location! Just a couple of days (Continue Reading…);

Ten Best and Worst Entry Level Careers for 2014

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May might be most closely associated with blooming flowers and the onset of warmer weather, but for students approaching high school graduation day, it is also a time to think about the future. Career options are many and the differences in financial rewards vary greatly from one path to the next. Not Just a Job (Continue Reading…);

Fed Up: The Obesity Epidemic Explained


  Obesity is a major problem in the United States. Statistics show that a larger percentage of Americans are overweight than at any other time in history and the problem will likely have far- reaching effects. What has led to this expansion of the American waistline? Are you fed up with what you see around (Continue Reading…);

The Great Courses Teaching Company: Your Senses, Behavior, and Perception

Credit: Bryan Carey

  What makes people respond the way they do to various stimuli? Why do some people react in much more vivid ways than others even when presented with exactly the same taste, scent, sight, etc.? How do cultural influences affect the way we perceive things? These and other questions are answered by Professor Francis Colavita (Continue Reading…);

Cast Your Vote for the Best Zoo in America


  Do you have a favorite American zoo? There are certainly plenty of amazing zoos across this great land of ours and an online service is asking you, the average American, to help select the Best Zoo in America. 10 Best, a travel division of USA Today, is reaching out to Americans to help it (Continue Reading…);

National Wildlife Federation Presents 44th Annual Photo Contest


Do you always keep a camera handy when away from home? Do you like capturing animals and birds in pictures? Have you taken some really fascinating photos recently of animals in their natural habitat? If so, then you should strongly consider entering your work in the 44th Annual Wildlife Photo Contest, an event sponsored each (Continue Reading…);

Crimson Wing: Flamingos and the Mystery of Behavior


  Greetings, Money Saving Parents! This is entry #5 in my Countdown to Earth Day series, a review of Disney Nature’s The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingo. I plan to review different Disney Nature films throughout the week and encourage families to watch each of these highly educational documentaries as they celebrate the planet (Continue Reading…);

Disneynature Earth Takes You to the Ends of the Planet


    Greetings, Money Saving Parents! This is entry #4 in my Countdown to Earth Day series, a review of Disney Nature’s Earth. I plan to review different Disney Nature films throughout the week and encourage families to watch each of these highly educational documentaries as they celebrate the planet on which we live and (Continue Reading…);