Wyndham La Cascada Resort: Our Home Away from Home in San Antonio

Credit: Bryan Carey

San Antonio is a great American city. Loaded with culture, history, and charm it’s a nice, economical place to spend some time away from home and learn a little bit about America’s past in the process. And a good place to consider staying while you’re away from home is the Wyndham La Cascada, a condo- (Continue Reading…);

Entertainment and Natural Beauty Surround You at San Antonio River Walk

Credit: Bryan Carey

San Antonio, Texas is a city rich with history and charm. Visitors often flock to the Alamo, the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, and other landmarks that have left their mark on the history of the local area and the United States. But one other main attraction has more in common with recreation and (Continue Reading…);

Remembering the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

credit: Bryan Carey

  When you think about Texas history, what comes to mind? Answers will vary from one person to the next, but at or near the top of anyone’s list of memorable Texas history is the Alamo. Located in downtown San Antonio, this historic military fort and former Spanish mission is one of the most recognizable (Continue Reading…);

How Well do You Understand the Economy?

Credit: Bryan Carey

Inflation…unemployment….economic inequality…these and other topics are of great economic concern to people everywhere. We want our family to live a save, happy, and reasonably prosperous life and we try our best to economize our daily routine. But some aspects of the economy are beyond our control and most of the public lacks a basic understanding (Continue Reading…);

San Antonio Botanical Garden: Nature’s Therapy in the Heart of Texas

Credit: Bryan Carey

Traveling is the perfect form of therapy. The opportunity to visit new places, soak up the culture, and experience new sights and sounds is what makes travel so important to me and my family.  We try to include some natural scenery everywhere we visit, but options are often limited when traveling to a large city. (Continue Reading…);

Tis the Season for New and Used Vehicles

Hans / Pixabay

Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? If you are, then you should strongly consider making a purchase during December or January. Auto dealerships often offer the most competitive pricing of the year during these months, and it can make the vehicle of your dreams more affordable than usual. Why are (Continue Reading…);

6 Financial Priorities that Need Attention before 2014 Ends

Credit: Flickr.com

2014 is winding to a close and with holiday shopping, school breaks, and other distractions, it’s often the busiest time of the year. It’s also a time to wrap- up any last minute activities relating to the 2014 year and one that parents cannot and should not ignore is personal finance. Let’s take a look (Continue Reading…);

Park Restaurant and Grill: Winning Wyndham Quality

Credit: Bryan Carey

Hotel restaurants vary widely. Some offer a quick, cafeteria style meal while others offer more formal, sit- down, customer- centric service. Here in Houston, one of our best hotels is also home to one of the better restaurants, featuring sit down service and customer focus. The hotel is Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor and its (Continue Reading…);

Gasoline Prices: Which States Pay the Most and Least Taxes?

Credit: Pixabay

Gasoline prices have received quite a bit of talk lately and for good reason. The price per gallon of gas, an essential expense for the majority of Americans, continues to tumble, falling below $2.50 per gallon in many parts of the country with forecasts for even lower prices in the near future. Gasoline prices vary (Continue Reading…);

Shopping online? Max Out Checkout Chrome extension offers coupons and savings

kropekk_pl / Pixabay

Here is me shopping online.  Go to the store I’m wanting to shop at. Then go looking for coupons or discounts for that store. or Go looking for discounts and coupons first. Then head to the online store I plan on shopping at. Either way I end up with 20 some tabs open and a (Continue Reading…);

Retirement Fund Changes in 2015: Be Prepared!

Credit: Wikimedia

The 2014 year is down to its final weeks and, like with any other year, a host of tax changes will greet the taxpayer in the coming year. Retirement funds and related taxes will see the usual new year adjustments for cost of living and inflation, with tax rates staying roughly the same and limits (Continue Reading…);

A Thanksgiving Day memory: My dog ate my turkey

Kaz / Pixabay

A favorite Thanksgiving Day memory.  A family, a dog and Thanksgiving day. They are no longer with us, but the memories will last forever. The dining room table is set with the good china and a lovely floral centerpiece. The buffet island practically groans under the weight of all the delicious dishes that my mother-in-law, (Continue Reading…);

Honda Cars of Katy Supports Houston Food Bank with Holiday Food Drive

Honda Cars of Katy

Holidays are a time for family togetherness and a time for giving. For some, however, the holidays are not so comfortable and many long for basic sustenance for themselves and loved ones. Here in Houston, a local business is sponsoring a food drive and is calling on generous Houstonians to join in the effort to (Continue Reading…);

Popular Thanksgiving Day traditions for our family


Whether old or new, these Thanksgiving holiday traditions will give lasting memories the whole year through. Many families have their Thanksgiving Day traditions. Some play football in the yard. Some watch it from the comfort of the family room. For others it is always the same meal, whether it is turkey, ham, brisket or prime (Continue Reading…);

Energy Drinks Pose Potential Risk to Young Children

Credit: wikimedia

Parents can add another item to the growing list of things to keep out of the stomachs of young children. Energy drinks, popular for their vitamin supplements and ability to provide an oft- needed alertness boost, have been singled out for causing adverse health effects in children. The concerns stem from a research study presented (Continue Reading…);