Ten Wealthiest American Presidents


Presidents Day is more than just a day off from work or school. For many, it is a time to reflect on the office of the presidency and the different men who have called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their home. Here at Money Saving Parent, we too like to talk about presidential actions, inactions, and the (Continue Reading…);

Think Like an Economist and Make Better Decisions

The Great Courses

How do you make financial and economic decisions? When confronted with options as a parent or consumer, do you go with your gut instinct and do what feels right or do you weigh the pros and cons and make the most efficient decision possible? If the latter is more like you, then you are inclined (Continue Reading…);

Job Growth Sluggish to Start the New Year


Employment growth in the month of January remained sluggish as employers added just 113,000 new jobs according to data released by the Labor Department on February 7, 2014 and reported by the New York Times and other sources. The improvement was far less than the 180,000 increase forecast by economists and it signals continued financial (Continue Reading…);

IRS e-file: Your Fastest Means to File Tax Returns


Tax filing season is here. January 31 is traditionally the last day for employers to mail out w-2, 1099, and other official tax and earnings statements and it also marks the beginning of the IRS e-file season. Tax preparation services everywhere are now lined up and ready to serve millions of individuals as they file (Continue Reading…);

MyRA: No 401k, No Problem!


This year’s State of the Union Address was nothing too surprising. It contained the usual overly- optimistic rhetoric common to all State of the Union Addresses from the past. But there was one item mentioned that caught the attention of Money Saving Parent and undoubtedly others who are concerned about financial security in their golden (Continue Reading…);

Lugz Drifter Mid Shoes offer Comfort and Style


I’m not the type who needs a large number of shoes, but I do agree that it’s nice to have enough choices to suit most needs or occasions. So, when I was presented with an opportunity to get a new pair of shoes from Lugz, I jumped at the chance. The choices were many, but (Continue Reading…);

Tax Filing: 8 Important Changes for the 2013 Tax Year


Attention U.S. taxpayers: The 2013 tax filing season is upon us and w-2, 1099, and other documentation will be arriving at your home shortly. The majority of taxpayers will file online this year and for most of us, the routine will be about the same as before. But there were some important changes enacted by (Continue Reading…);

Tax Forms: 5 Ways to Obtain the Documents You Need Before Tax Day


Tax season is here. As much as most Americans dislike gathering up w-2, 1099 forms, capital gains statements, and other income and deduction documents, the annual tax filing task must be completed before tax day in mid- April. Filing on- line is growing in popularity because it makes the task much simpler, but there are (Continue Reading…);

Federal Tax: Be Prepared and Calculate Your 2014 Tax Liability Today


Attention, American tax payers: The Internal Revenue Service has published the new tax tables for 2014 and, like with most years, the income brackets shifted slightly higher from one level to the next, resulting in slightly less tax owed on the same income as last year. Below are the 2014 federal tax tables for different (Continue Reading…);

World Wildlife Fund and Coca- Cola Campaign to Save Polar Bears


The Arctic is associated with more than extreme cold. It is also known for its wildlife and several unique species call the area their home. Walrus, caribou, and other animals are found only this part of the world, but the Arctic animal that gets the most attention is the polar bear. Its numbers have declined (Continue Reading…);

Houston Food Bank: Filling Pantries, Filling Lives


Charities come in all shapes and sizes with varying goals. Some aim to protect wildlife, others work toward cleaner air and water, and others help support health concerns. The most basic of all charities are those associated with food and in the Houston area, there is one large non- profit that works to provide food (Continue Reading…);

Field to Plate: Food Education, Sustainability, and Healthy Living


Nutrition and well- being are subjects that can never receive enough emphasis. But in spite of the efforts of non- profit organizations, government agencies, dieticians, and others, people are still consuming far too much processed and otherwise unhealthy food. One organization out to change the way we eat is Field to Plate, a company that (Continue Reading…);

Earth911.com Wants to Reduce Your Waste


What does it take to protect the planet and its inhabitants? Even if you consider yourself a climate change skeptic and have doubts about the human contribution to global warming, it still makes sense to protect the good health of the planet on which we live. One area in which most everyone agrees is with (Continue Reading…);

National Wildlife Federation Works to Conserve the Planet and its Inhabitants


Animals across the globe face new and growing threats. Loss of habitat, encroachment by humans, poaching, and other activities have pushed some species to the brink of extinction with other species headed down the same path. But there are organizations working to protect animals and one of the largest and best- known is the National (Continue Reading…);

Fast Facts about Nutrisystem My Way and Fast 5

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. With the new year approaching many of us may be looking to our New Year's Resolutions and one of those resolutions may be to lose weight.  Maybe we want to lose just those extra few pounds (Continue Reading…);