Stress management tips for parents

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What do you do to handle stress? From time outs to bubbles and books there are a few ways to help you handle the stress of parenthood before you end up throwing your next big temper tantrum.

Have you ever been so upset, stressed or angry that you wanted to put yourself in a “time out?” It may not be such a bad idea. It always makes me feel much better than when I do lose my cool and scream or shout. Finding ways to alleviate your stressful moments not only makes you healthier and happier but also makes you a better parent.

Take time out. It works with your children doesn’t it? Sometimes my girls are just so overwhelmed that they do act out. But if a few minutes . . .

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  1. Naomi Numbers says:

    I’m sending this to a friend who recently adopted a darling 5 year old from foster care. My friend is beyond frazzled and needs all the encouragement she can get!!

    Yoga is my saving grace on so many occasions!

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