Review: Simply Bath Salts Lavender Scent

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t long for a nice, relaxing, soothing bath, or maybe they would consider just a quick soak of their feet after a long, tiring day.   Instead of saying, “Calgon take me away” why not go for “Simply Bath Salts” take me away?

Our family has been trying very hard to find all natural or organic alternatives to many of our household, home, health and beauty products.  We are buying organic and natural foods, making our own cleaners or using those that are “green and clean” and try to find products that don’t contain all those harmful chemicals and a label that I can’t read, let alone pronounce for many of our health and beauty products. That’s where Simply Bath Salts comes into “play.”

Simply Bath Salts (Lavender Scent for this review) are made from healthy, not harmful ingredients like: Atlantic Sea salt, Epsom salt, and Dead Sea salt, Aromatic Lavender oil,  and organic Jojoba oil.  Both of these oils are Oregon Tilth certified organic to ensure no pesticides or chemicals make it into your bath. Lavender bath salt carries a floral scent with a hint of wood. It blends well with geranium, patchouli, rosemary, and scotch pine. so afterwards you can still use your favorite body wash or scent.

What do I like about Simply Bath Salts? 

  • the all natural products
  • calming lavender scent (I also wonder if maybe I could leave a little out in the bathroom to appreciate all the time)
  • a good source of Vitamin E, which makes skin soft but not sticky
  • all natural products can lose their scent and effectiveness after packaging.  Simply Bath Salts is hand packed and isn’t  packaged until your order is placed.
  • the price is not only reasonable, but for this 24 ounce size you may end up spending a lot more.
  • wonderful feeling in the tub for a long soak
  • very refreshing to sore feet (I’ll tell you why in a minute).
  • you can even order your own custom made scent blends, and Simply Salts will help you choose them.



Good reasons to use Simply Bath Salts Lavender Scent 

It’s been a really busy few weeks for me, and after a day in the hot sun at a local children’s festival, I found that I needed a good hot, relaxing soak.   I simply added some of the salts to my warm running water and enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet. (Make sure kids are in bed or they will interrupt).

I also found after a day of traveling through several airports with many carry on bags and two small children that while I didn’t have time for a soak, my feet really needed one (gotta make that pedicure before vacation really last!).  I simply added some salts to the warm water and after a few minutes the pleasing and soothing aroma of lavender helped me relax and my feet felt much better too.  The skin was soft, the swelling was down and I felt refreshed.  Ahh, if only I had time for the full soak in a big old resort tub!  But our vacation awaited.

For some, the strong aroma of lavender may not be the scent for you.  But since I enjoy it, it is definitely a first choice for me. (I even have a lavender facial wash.   You can tell just by opening the bag that the scent will be calming, relaxing and something to enjoy and anticipate your next bath with. You may also appreciate that in this case, “going green” may also save you “green.”

You can find out what other scents are available like Lemongrass,  Lime, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Ylang-Ylang, and Cedarwood.  YOu can purchase Simply Bath Salts at and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.



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