March Bulletin Board Ideas: It’s go fly a kite month!

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There are many fun holidays and celebrations in March that can inspire a March bulletin board. March is home to popular holidays like St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th and obscure holidays like Paper Day on March 11th. National Author and Illustrator Week is celebrated the first week of March and the entire month of March is “Go Fly a Kite” month.

Kites are an iconic symbol for March winds and the first day of spring, which usually arrives in March, often around March 20. Kite crafts are fun to make and lend themselves to colorful, interactive bulletin boards for March.

“Flying through Phonics”

A kite craft could represent each letter of the alphabet and kids could write words beginning with each letter on “tails” to be added to each kite.

“Fly High with Rhyme Time”

Kite crafts are a fun way to illustrate that your class is learning rhyming words. A rhyming word could go in each of the four sections of a kite or else could be added to tails such pig, jig, wig and big.

“Flying through Books”

In addition, kites make a fun backdrop for beginner kid’s book reports. The body of the book report could be attached to the kite with details like the author, illustrator, publishing date and page count included on the tails of the kite.

“Flying with our Favorite Authors”

In honor of National Author and Illustrator’s week, kite crafts could be used to showcase kid’s favorite authors, illustrators and the names of their books.

“Flying High with Fractions”

Don’t forget the math for March bulletin boards. Diamond shaped kites are easily divided into one-halves, one fourths and one eighths. Kids can write the fraction on the tail of a kite and illustrate the fraction with colors.

“Sailing with Synonyms”

Students learning synonyms could showcase their learning on kites with synonyms. Synonyms could be added to kite tails or alternatively there could be four synonyms added to each of the four sections of a diamond shaped kite such as big, huge, large or massive.

“Sailing through Social Studies”

Kite bulletin boards can also showcase what students are learning in social studies or geography. At the bottom on the bulletin board, a map could illustrate a particular continent, country or even state. Kites flying over the geographic area could highlight fun facts about the region. What would we see if we sailed over Virginia? Egypt? Australia?

“Spring Poems on Kites”

Kite crafts could be the backdrop for poems for March bulletin boards. A variety of poems could be written about March, spring or even flying kites from couplets to triplets to acrostic poems.

An example of an acrostic poem to welcome spring:
Spring colors
Pop as

Just about any lessons your elementary classroom is studying can be showcased on a colorful kite bulletin board for March.

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