Free printable 52 weeks savings plan saves you over $1000

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Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to save money in 2013?  Here’s a method we have recommended for years to help you save over, $1000.00 this year (just think if you and your spouse did this you would double your money)!

Get your Free printable 52 week savings plan and place it on your desk or wherever you pay your bills.   I’m a kitchen table sort of person – Mr. Money Saving Parent likes the desk.  Why not place it in both?   Total saved in one year – $1,378.00!

 Need ideas where the money for the savings will come for your Free printable 52 weeks savings plan?

    • Pack your lunch – at $5 a day 5 days a week you will save $25 a week to put in your savings.
    • Did you save money with your coupons at the grocery store?  If you had a bill for $126 and you saved $30 in coupons, then why not take the amount saved or a portion of the amount saved with coupons and put them in the savings.
    • Make you own coffee in the morning and go – avoid that Starbucks stop!  Savings of about $20 a week.
    • Round up a purchase.  If you purchase is $7.50 round it up to $10 and take the remainder and put in your savings.
    • Empty out those pockets before they go into the wash.  Place the spare change in the money jar.
    • Start backwards – that way when Christmas rolls around you are putting in less and have saved more.
    • Use online banking to keep it out of easy reach. Sure you can use a debit card but placing it in an account like with Capital 360 does make you stop and think before you reach for it.

Get the kids started to0, using pennies, nickels or dimes to start their savings.
Starting the savings is the easy part.  Contributing to it each week as the amount grows is the hard part.  If you find yourself short on funds then start all over again at the number $1.00.   You are still saving and that’s the important part!






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