Five Tips for a Stylish Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget

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Post contributed by Ayla Hawkins, on behalf of, suppliers of maternity dresses for all occasions. Ayla is an aspiring fashionista who believes that everyone should be able to look great and feel great without going broke.


When you are expecting a baby, it can be very difficult to maintain your sense of style and continue to look good as your body changes — especially if you do not want to spend a fortune. However, there are many ways to stay stylish without going broke. Whether your preferred style is jeans and tee shirts or more formal wear, you can enhance your maternity wardrobe — and style — without breaking the bank.


Many women prefer to wear jeans; whether casual blue jeans or more unique pairs, they create a look that never goes out of fashion. When your belly begins to grow, you may think you are done wearing cute jeans unless you want to buy all new pairs. Depending on your figure and how you carry your baby, however, you may be able to wear jeans normally until well into your third trimester. Once you cannot quite close your jeans around your belly, simply take a sturdy rubber band and loop it through the button hole and around the button. This will create a larger gap that provides a little more room for your growing belly, while still letting you fit into your favorite pants. Some women who carry high will be able to keep this up throughout their entire pregnancy, or at least until very near its end, without needing to buy separate maternity jeans.


Of course, you will want to make sure that you are not showing either the maternity band or the rubber band that is holding your jeans up. Choose shirts that enhance your figure and keep you comfortable while remaining long, covering your belly and your waistband. The ideal shirt will reach about to the bottom of your hips or even slightly lower. This look will be perfect for any season. During the winter, choose longer sweaters and long sleeved shirts, while in the summer months you will be able to wear jeans or capris with long tank tops and tee shirts.

Skirts are possibly the most effective way to maintain your style throughout your pregnancy. Most skirts that have an elastic waistband will stretch to accommodate you as you grow and then will shrink back down, continuing to fit you after your pregnancy. Therefore, you should be able to continue wearing many of your pre-pregnancy skirts throughout your pregnancy. A loose-fitting top will allow you to hide your pregnancy longer, if that is your goal. Just stay away from anything striped, as they will bring out your figure and possibly make you look even more pregnant than you are. Shoes can be a big problem when you are entering your last trimester. Many women find that they are not capable of tying their shoes or even seeing their feet. Therefore, no matter what their style, slip-ons are your friend. Whether you prefer slipper shoes, crocs or even slip on tennis shoes, you can find cute, inexpensive options that will make your life far easier, and still make you look good (both during and after your pregnancy).


Finally, keep in mind that layering is just as much an option while you are expecting as it is for anyone else. This fashion trend means that ideas like wearing a lacy camisole under a loose-fitting top, or draping a silky scarf over it, can help you create nearly infinite combinations of looks. Being pregnant does not have to mean the end of style — it just means new chances to experiment.

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