TEEN BEACH 2 - "Teen Beach 2" stars Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher participate in a Mom blogger event to celebrate the movie's June 26, 2015 premiere. (Disney Channel/Valerie Macon)

Even more music and moves in #TeenBeach2

  I recently had the opportunity to screen Teen Beach 2 with 24 other amazing bloggers as well as the opportunity to talk to Chrissie Fit (Chee Chee) and Jordan Fisher (Seacat) about the movie. During our discussion and interviews we talked … [Read More...]

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Going Green


Mitsubishi Mirage: The gas mileage is no mirage

We recently had our first experience with helping our oldest daughter, aged 19, with buying her first car. We selected an used one because we had to stick to a budget and we wanted one with really good gas mileage. However, we have found since that … [Read More...]

15 money saving tips

15 money saving tips for going green

  You don't have to spend money to save money, energy and the environment. With these twenty tips you can do all that and with some imagination and creativity you can save even more. 15 Money Saving Tips for Going Green Turn off ceiling … [Read More...]

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